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Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of the largest and oldest charitable foundations in Estonia that provides support for the programs and initiatives of children’s hospitals. Since 2000, Children’s Foundation has raised more than one million euros for children.

  • We provide funding for medical equipment for the Children’s Clinic and for other children’s departments of Tartu University Hospital Clinics. We also support treatment for children with rare diseases across Estonia, international lecturers’ visits to Estonia and international training courses for doctors and nurses.
  • We help supporters and volunteers to reach people in need.

In order to achieve its goals Children’s Foundation work for the next financial year is focused in three main areas of activity:

  • Increasing growth of permanent foundation donors and supporters.
  • Supporting children with severe and profound disabilities and their families.
  • Inform people in need how to get help. Inform donors and supporters about donation opportunities.

The Foundation operates with a commitment to the principles stated in Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation Statutes (in Estonian) and Code of Ethics of Estonian non-profit organizations.


  • To increase quality of medical care provided to children at Children’s Clinic and other clinics of Tartu University Hospital where children get medical care.
  • To detect and notify the public of problems in the provision of medical care for children.
  • To raise public awareness of children’s diseases in order to prevent its onset and development, to improve early detection of diseases and treatment results.
  • Helping children to overcome social problems which are caused by different diseases.
  • Teaching and promoting a healthy lifestyle to children, youngsters and family members.

Foundation’s mission is to raise concern, attention and care for those weakest and most vulnerable children among our fellow citizens.


Chairman Küllike Saar

Priit Alamäe - Nortal AS
Antti Kask - Cramo Estonia AS
Jaan Kallas - Põllumajanduse Registrite ja Informatsiooni Amet
Andres Koern
Parvel Pruunsild - BIGBANK AS
Merli Siff