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PRESS RELEASE: Jubilarian reecieved a birthday present of 5000 Euros worth of donations to the Children’s Foundation


Member of the board of the Tartu University Children’s Foundation, business manager Andres Koern asked his birthday guests to make a donation to the Children’s Foundation instead of giving him a present. The good donators supported sick children with 5112 euros.

57 donations, by more than 100 people were donated as a gift to the jubilarian, who all appreciated this kind of an initiative. The birthday child is planning to channel the donations to children suffering from oligodontia – a genetic malocclusion, and need the support of donators to pay for the expensive dental implants.

The board chairman of the Children’s Foundation Küllike Saar thinks that this kind birthday celebrations are very thankworthy. „We thank Andres Koern from our hearts, for deciding to celebrate his birthday with such a charitable action! It’s a good example to all of us – why not ask your guests to make a contribution to the weakest ones in our society on special occasions,“ she calls everyone to follow this kind of way to celebrate.

Organizing an action for the donations to the Children’s Foundation is not difficult at all. For that you don’t need to hold a collection yourself, instead you can ask the congratulators to make a Money transfer straight to the account of the Tartu University Children’s Foundation, using a certain explanation. „Later we can make a summary of how much did the donator support sick children,“ Saar adds.

If needed, it is possible to borrow special donation boxes from the Children’s Foundation, and ask for official Thank You Notes to give to the guests.

Oligodontia is a rare genetic disorder, which is expressed by the absence of 6 or more germs of permanent teeth, for a person with this diagnosis, this means that their deciduous teeth will not be replaced by permanent teeth. This causes bite problems and bad load on the jaw. The best treatment for the disease is the installation of dental implants, and the Children’s Foundation is supporting two children with this by 15 000 euros. Along with the donations of the birthday child, the Foundation has collected half of the amount at this moment.

The Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation is one of the oldest and largest national charity organisations, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in November. With help from donators, the foundation has supported the purchase of equipment for different hospitals, and hundreds of children and families in need of special care with nearly 3 million euros. It is possible to help sick children through the Children’s Foundation by being a permanent donator at