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PRESS RELEASE: Kerttu Jukkum is running to help disabled Jan to walk


While preparing for the New York Marathon, The Public Relation Manager of TV3, Kerttu Jukkum started a campaign with the Tartu University Children’s Foundation called „Jan Kõndima!”, to support the treatment of 8-year old Jan, who has a mobility disability.

„I’ve run marathons, participated in a triathlon and in a ski marathon, recently i climbed the Kilimanjaro. This time i have decided to continue my biggest passion – running and also fulfill a long time dream to participate in the New York Marathon,” according to amateur athlete Kerttu Jukkum. Thanks to the Children’s Foundation, i met 8-year old Jan, who also has a big dream – to walk on his own two feet. What if we made two dreams come true at once? That’s how the plan was born to run for Jan’s support.”

Due to a birth trauma, Jan suffered a brain damage, that is expressed through motor disorders throughout his body. The movement of his lower limbs is especially impaired. He suffers from muscle spasticity, which means his muscles are extremely stiff, and he can only move using special wheel crutches.

Kerttu says that around the world, it is common that marathon runners represent a close to the heart charitable organization, that they help to gain attention to and collect donations. So for Kerttu’s run to have more meaning, she decided that for the 6-months of preparing for the marathon, and the time of completing it, she would start a charitable campaign, through which she hopes to help make Jan’s dreams come true, alongside with her own.

With the campaign, Kerttu is hoping to collect 20 000 euros, with the help of good people. The money is planned to be used for Jan’s daily physiotherapy with disabled athlete Randel Peerna, hoping it will help the boy walk. Randel is a two time Paralympic Rowing World Champion, and a gym trainer for people with special needs, who has helped several children to walk.

„Just like my dream, in a year from now, Jan’s may not be just a dream. That would make Jan’s and her family’s life much easier,” Kerttu expresses her hope. „Jan is ian incredibly positive and hearty child, who has never been heard complaining about his life or situation. Nevertheless i would like to run a race with him one day, and i know that with the help of good people, it can be possible!”

If you too would like to give your part to help Jan walk, you can make a donation to the accounts of The Tartu University Children’s Foundation, with the explanation „Jan Kõndima”:
Swedbank IBAN EE682200221015828742
SEB IBAN EE261010220014910011
Danske IBAN EE403300334408530000
Nordea IBAN EE791700017000285384
LHV IBAN EE527700771000610813.

Also it’s possible to support Jan, by participating in Peetri Jooks, that Kerttu Jukkum is a patron of. For every participant of the charitable run, the organizers will donate 5 euros to support Jan’s treatment.

The Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation is one of the oldest and largest national charity organisations, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in November. With help from donators, the foundation has supported the purchase of equipment for different hospitals, and hundreds of children and families in need of special care with nearly 3 million euros. It is possible to help sick children through the Children’s Foundation by being a permanent donator at