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The Good Deed Run to support litte Cassandra, who is suffering from an extremely rare disease


The Good Deed Run, that is taking place in the Tähtvere Sports Park in Tartu, as a part of the Tartu Running Marathon, is collecting donations in cooperation with the Children’s Foundation and drug company TEVA, to support 3-year old Cassandra, who is suffering from an extremely rare skin disease, called epidermolysis bullosa.

This is an extremely rare disease(occurs on 1 child out of a million), due to which various sized blisters are formed on the skin. When these blisters burst or break, they heal slowly and cause pain.

A child’s skin is very sensitive and can be damaged by even the smallest trauma or friction to the skin. In the case of this form of the disease, painful blisters and erosions are formed also on the oral mucosa, these cause difficulties eating and damages to the oral mucosa. Also she has a problem with gristle in her throat, that keeps growing back, and causes constant threat of suffocation for her. The disease always aktivates during summer periods.

„The Children’s Foundation has been supporting Cassandra and her family since may 2013, exactly three years to the day of the Good Deed Run. We have supported her in different ways, helping to pay for skin-care products, childcare, and Medical trips, „Says the Development and Project Manager for the Children’s Foundation Anniki Inno. „At the moment, the Children’s Foundation is supporting the purchase of Cassandra’s skin-care products with 175 euros each month, also the Foundation supports her Medical trips to England every 2-3 months, that cost around 1400 euros. This is where the participants of the Good Deed Run can help, and give their part, so the Children’s Foundation would be able to continue to support the adorable little girl,“ Inno adds.

The registration to the Good Deed Run is free. After recieving the Start number, we will ask you to make at least a 1 euro donation, to which Medical companies SynLab, Sirowa, Nutri Kaubanduse, Icosagen and Uus Apteek, will unitedly add 5 euros per registrator. Last year, 1151 runners and nordic walkers attended the Good Deed Run, and 8481 euros were collected.

The Starting line and Finish are in Tartu, at the Tähtvere Sports Park. Unlike previous years, the Good Deed Run will take place on Friday at 19.00. The distance is 4.5km and will go through the dendropark.

More information and registration: