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900 5025 donate 5€
900 5100 donate 10€
900 5500 donate 50€

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Permanent donation

Amount  EUR

You can change the amount later while accepting the standing order in the internet bank.

Personal code

You should provide personal identification code (isikukood) only if You want to apply for a rebate on the income tax on Your donations.
Personal identification code is inserted into field with additional information in the bank's standing order form, so You can change it as well later in the internet bank.


You should provide Your e-mail if You wish to receive our monthly newsletter about our activities and future plans.

You can terminate the standing order contract anytime in Your e-bank.



Standing Order in Danske Bank

  • Enter into Your Internet bank
  • Open Payments – Standing order – New standing order
  • Fill further fields:
    Beneficiary: SA Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi Lastefond
    Beneficiary's account/IBAN: EE403300334408530000
    Details: Your personal code (isikukood)
    Choose frequency, amount and first and last payments.


Income Tax Incentives

The University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation (registry code 90001931) has been entered in the list of non-profit organisations with income tax incentives, which means, that from every donation made, a natural person can apply for income tax rebate (the donators identification code and the donation amount will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by us and it will appear in the pre-filled tax declaration).

It is important for entrepreneurs to note that the deduction of donations is limited to 5% of the taxpayer’s income of the same period of taxation or to 2% of the amount taxable with social tax, according to the tax payer’s own choice. The information will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by the University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation by the 1st of Febrary of the next financial year.

Requisites for non-Estonian bank transfer
Bank: Swedbank, address: Liivalaia 8, Tallinn
IBAN: EE682200221015828742